Is it morning sickness?

Hi, I am wondering whether what I am experiencing falls within morning sickness. I did have nausea and sometimes sickness in the morning starting about week 10-11. I also had taste changes since early on in pregnancy but my appetite was fine until also about week 10-11 when I started finding most foods and smells revolting and struggled to find things to eat. Now I am 16 weeks, still no appetite/nausea in the morning though hardly ever sick. But my appetite never came back fully, I am still struggling to find things to eat most of the times apart from bouts of appetite sometimes in the evenings. Is it now going to last till the end of pregnancy?

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  • i didnt get my appetite back till i was 23 weeks im now 29 weeks an still stuggle with big meals

  • Thanks for your reply! Looks like I'm not alone like this...

  • There is a condition called Hyperemesis Gravadium, it is so frustrating and difficult to articulate just what you are going through when you are suffering from HG. HG is often mistaken for morning sickness and a number of times I was told to have a piece of toast, or a ginger biscuit before I get up and I will be fine. HG is so much more than that, it requires hospitalization, I believe you should visit an experienced doctor to help you with your condition, I am going through this so I can completely understand, and yes Kate Middleton is suffering from this condition as well.

  • Thank you. Mine ended around week 22 as I remember, and I've also realised, after some readings, that it was maintained by a stress at work. As soon as I left it was gone pretty quickly, or maybe it's just a coincidence

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