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I'm new here. Could i be pregnant? Advice please

I am hoping to get some advice because I do not know what to do. The first day of my most recent period was February 13th and I had sex on February 17th. In March I began experiencing symptoms that seemed synonymous with 'first trimester pregnancy' in which I felt anxious, depressed etc. and experienced breast tenderness as well. Since then I've experienced brain fog, memory loss and extreme heart palpitations. However, every urine and blood pregnancy test I have taken has been negative. What do I do? I will obviously get an abortion if it comes down to it but I need a positive test result to do so don't I?

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When you have taken your blood test? Maybe it was very early when you took it!

If you took it recently, I don't think it's wrong!



Your best bet may be to go to your doctor and tell them. They can send you for a scan which will then show what's going on. It sounds as though you had sex quite early on in your cycle which gives doubt that you may be pregnant. Usually for a 28 day cycle ovulation occurs at day 14-16 and sperm only stays in the female for a maximum of 7 days, but even that is a stretch. But that does t mean it's entirely impossible.

Tell your doctors everything you're experiencing and don't let them push you off as though you don't matter. It's May and you haven't had a period since Feb so that's a red flag already.

Good luck and hope you get it sorted.

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