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No period please help

No period please help

Hi, i havent had a period since the 19th feb. I have took countless pregnancy test and they keep coming up negative. On the 7th april i had a blood test which came back negative i also had bloods done yesterday which i have not recived the results for. I have demanded for a scan but they will not give me one untill i show a possitive result. Although the pas 3 test have had very very very faint lines on them. I have sickness back pain and fatigue twinges and genrally pregancy symptoms. I am 18 and already have a 2 year old although i missed a period with her and had alot of negatove tests and after 3 weeks it turned out i was 25 weeks pregnant. I have attached a photo of the two past test i have took and can see very fain lines on can any one help??

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I can't see any positive or faint lines in the test you attached. I think the blood test is very accurate speciallly after two months of the missed period. It might be that you are not pregnant.

If you want to make sure go for a scan , if there is a baby definitely he/she will appear.

Good luck to you.


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