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Pregnant, UTI or coming of the pill?

hi Im new here, about 2 weeks ago i had unprotected sex, he pulled out but there was pre cum and only after we'd finished i'd realised I had forgotten my pill two days in a row. I was unable to get the morning after pill and thought nothing of it. I also decided to come off pill and return to condoms. However the past week I've had very bad abinomal pain and feeling sick and tired and also a frequent need to wee. This could be because i got a UTIs a month ago and the symptoms might have not gone away but I'm seriously stressing I'm pregnant the symptoms feel as if they have got worse. When can I take a test and i know i will want an abortion if it is positive so how soon could i get one? I'm currently studying for my a levels next month and i really don't want it to distract me.

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Hi There,

Sorry to hear you are having a stressful time. As it has now been 3 weeks since the unprotected sex, a pregnancy test would be accurate. If it ends up you are pregnant and you want to seek an abortion, in most areas you can usually self-refer and make your own consultation appointment to then book treatment. It might be best to go and do the pregnancy test at a local contraceptive clinic, as they can help support you whatever the outcome of the test is, and help refer you for an abortion if that's what you decide. I hope it goes the way you want.

Best Wishes



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