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Could I be pregnant

Ok I'll try be as clear as possible,

So last month I accidently had an 8 day break from mycrogynon 30, I take my pill at 11pm and I was so sure I had more pills but when I went to check on the day I was supposed to start a new pack I didnt and it was too late to do anything about it, I went to dr the next day and she said as long as I hadn't had unprotected sex during the pill free week and had had a period (which I hadn't and I had) 1 day will be ok and I should carry on with my next pack as normal (and I did) I then didn't have unprotected sex at all the first week of my pack.

There are some days I am clumsy and don't take my pill till 1am or 2am because I've forgot or I'm out and I did do that this month a couple of times, however I didn't have unprotected sex with my boyfriend in the days that followed these times.

The only time me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex was on the last day of my pill packet (yesterday, which was taken on time) and on the first day of my week break (today) and I have taken my pill correctly and on time for the past 9 days until the pack ended leading up to my boyfriend having sex and I have taken it correctly for most of the month and as I have previously stated me and my boyfriend have used comdoms in the following days after I took my pill 2 or three hours late.

Are my pregnancy chances high? Should I get plan b?

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The combined pill is OK to take within a few of hours (practice nurse told me 12 however i believe this is a bit too much) of your usual I believe it is the mini pill that you have to have at the same time each day so you should be fine with Microgynon as this is combined pill.

Based on what you have said above i believe you should be ok

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Hi There,

The most important pills not to miss, are the first 7 days after a break, and the last 7 before the break. This is because it makes the 7 day break too long, and has the potential for your ovaries to begin working again. A missed pill is considered to be 12 hours late (so more than 36 hrs) since you took the last one.

It doesn't sound like this happened for you. Maybe you could consider changing the time of day you take your pill to avoid this happening in the future, or look to a long acting reversible method such as a coil or an implant then you don't have to remember something every day. Doing a pregnancy test 3 weeks after the incident happened is the best way to know you are not pregnant, as the bleed you have on the pill is a withdrawal bleed, not a true period. If you are ever truly late with a pill, either avoid sex for 7 days or use condoms whilst still taking your pill for it to kick back in. It's called the 7 day rule.

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