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Pregnant with chest pains help!


I'm about 7 Weeks pregnant it's been absolutely horrible! Today I've suddenly got left chest pains I'm not sure if it's my chest of my breasts as I have been having breast pains from day one. But this pain seems like it's on the inside almost like a pinching stabbing pain on and off. I'm so so so so tired I can't function or do anything normal it's been exhausting the last few weeks

Anyway can someone reassure me !not sure what's going on

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I would see your GP regarding the pains in your chest. It could be a symptom of something or just muscle tension, but I doubt it's related to your pregnancy. The being tired is part of the pregnancy (hormones) and the best thing to do is sleep, it generally goes away by weeks 10 to 12. I'm at 20 weeks now and in the first 3 months I slept every afternoon and still went to bed early every night. You might also be experiencing some nausea, eat small meals every 3-4 hours (even if you don't feel like it) and try ginger biscuits or tea. Good luck xx


Hey there im also 7 weeks! congrats!

Ive been having terrible sore boobs and sharp stabbing pains but actually in my boobs not my chest as such, if you are concerned book an appointment and talk it over. Your going to be tired as there is a life growing inside you and is taking all the nutrients and energy for itself to help grow, im sure it will pass just keep hydrated and rest when you can. x


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