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Is pregnancy possible?

I'm new here.

I've been feeling nauseous, headaches, a burning sensation in my stomach and my emotions have been all over the place.

I'm not sure if the sexual activity I had last week can possibly result in pregnancy. We had oral and manual sex only and he did not ejaculate? How could this result in pregnancy? Am I overreacting?

EDIT 25/02: Please someone help, I'm not sure if these are PMS symptoms but I have never experienced PMS like this before. Please help. My parents are very strict and I couldn't possibly tell them that I might be pregnant especially if I try to convince them that I didn't have intercourse.

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If no sperm has been in the vicinity of your vagina I think it's safe to say you aren't pregnant. I know what it is like thinking about it constantly, feeling every twitch, temperature change, prodding your boobs ect you can pretty quickly convince yourself you're pregnant! The best thing to do is wait till your period is due and do a test. You can get a reliable one from the pound shop, although I know it's awkward buying one. Good luck I hope everything works out, and maybe think about contraception? Doctors will not tell your parents about it, and you will have piece of mind. I had my daughter when I was 15, I wish I had gone on the pill but was ashamed of being so young but I was in love.. anyway.. good luck missus x


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