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Do you think I could be pregnant?

My period has never really been regular and it always changes from how long it lasts or when it decides to come. I had my usual period pains a few days ago that I normally get when I'm going to come on, and I know that a lot of people say that period pains are similar to pregnancy symptoms, but I know these were period pains.. when I'm about to come on, I get a shooting pain in my right foot! Every time - weird lol! Anyway, I've been researching constantly whether I could be pregnant or not, today I've experienced a lot of pains through out the day, nothing too painful just a lot of it. No other odd symptoms than usual, I've had an increase in discharge but that happens for me before my period anyway, and it has an odour and colour and I read that pregnancy discharge doesn't smell or have a colour? Anyway, could someone let me know their thoughts? I took 5 tests all negative. I've been quite stressed recently and also was on strong course of amoxicillin a week or two ago. Please help? Thanks! Xx

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I'm the same... I'm 9 days late today. I came off the pill about 2 months ago and when I was on it, it made my period really irregular to the point I was having two periods a month but I haven't had one since 23rd January. All tests negative so far. I've had a few cramps but nothing major at all, no painful boobs, little bit of back ache this afternoon. I'm waiting another week and if I don't come on I'll do another test. Maybe wait a bit and try a test again. If I've not come on in over a week I'll go doctors xx


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