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Pregnancy or not ?

Hi all

I was wondering if anyone would be able to shine a light on my predicament.

My husband and I are trying for a baby now. I have a history of irregular periods but my last two periods were within 32 days. My last period was on December 29th and I was due for a period between 26th and 30th January. As we have been trying we obviously had unprotected sex during mid jan.

Ever since 21st of Jan I have been having mild cramping which I didn't pay much attention to also during this time I had flu symptoms. Anyways on Sunday 22nd I noticed a very small amount of blood when I wiped, I mean a drop which I assumed my period might be coming on. But it didn't. On Monday 23rd I was feeling optimistic and did a pregnancy test which to my surprise came back as positive.

I then waited till I missed my period to do another one.... just to make sure. On Thursday 26th I took one but came back negative. Did another one on the Saturday and that came back negative as well. So I thought you don't get false positive so the logical answer would be a chemical pregnancy.

It has been two weeks and I have had no bleeding but pregnancy symptoms such as nausea (cannot stand the smell of coffee or fried food. Swollen and tender lower abdomen i.e. Just above the pubic bone and sore breasts. I appreciate some of these symptoms can be pms aswell but I am just not sure what is going on.

I am seeing my gp on Friday but still a little worried as to what is going on. Anyone have any suggestions or have had something similar with them and would like to share their experience.

Sorry for the long post.... !

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I am also irregular and before I found out I was pregnant felt rubbish and sick for a few weeks and ignored it as I thought I was due on. Out of curiosity as my period hadn't arrived I took a test and it was positive and my friend made me take another one to make sure! Both came out positive so I made an appointment to see the gp that evening. At the gp it showed negative and so did a digital test so the gp sent me for a blood test......I was definitely pregnant! It was just so early (about 4 weeks) that the hcg was only detected in my urine early in the morning, so fingers crossed you have something similar.


They say wait about 4\6 weeks after last period as sperm can take up to 2 weeks to find the egg the first test could have been because your period was due the other 2 could have been neg because it's too early to tell


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