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I got told today I had a tilted womb. I'm currently 5 weeks pregnant and had a scan today after implantation bleeding. The nurse mentioned my fiancé and I should avoid intercourse until 13 weeks. That's fine but I wondered why? What could happen? We get married soon and the thought of not being able to on our wedding night is not pleasing the other half! Thanks x

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  • I'm not exactly sure how sex affects it but I know a tilted womb usually rights itself between 12 and 13 weeks when your womb comes out of your pelvis and into your abdomen to accommodate your baby growing. I don't know if it's related to this or not but this is the only thing I can think of! Xx

  • Thanks for replying. I just can't understand what the consequences could be, surely transvaginal ultrasounds must have a similar effect. 😂 My poor husband to be!x

  • Well exactly I don't understand it either😂 Xx

  • I've tried searching for you but the only thing I can find is that it may cause pain for you. I would follow the nurses advice to be on the safe side but I am not sure why she's said that xx

  • I agree with Zoe - not sure why Doctor said it as nowhere on internet it suggests to make precautions in the first trimester... strange, as either womb is at the front or back: we still have cervix inbetween!

    You're a second person I come across with a tilted womb. My niece who is 20 has it too. She went to the doctor as she had lots of pain during intercourse and doctor checked her and made her feel like she's an alien! Poor girl got scared and worried.

  • Crazy isn't it. I've searched and searched the web. I've had painful period pains, back pain, I've had contractions in my back through labour but it's never been picked up on till now (4th baby) it explains a lot really x

  • Having intercourse with a tilted womb and being pregnant can lead to high chances of a miscarriage, therefore it would be wise to avoid doing it and listen to your doctor i'm sure your husband will understand for the baby's sake.

  • Look on Google to find out what the side effects could be

  • Hi There,

    Most uteruses develop leaning forwards towards your belly button. But if you have a retroverted uterus, also known as a tilted or retroflexed uterus, your uterus has naturally grown with a backwards tilt towards your spine.

    This condition is not an abnormality or a medical problem — doctors simply refer to it as a “normal anatomical variance” (it’s comparable to having a second toe that’s longer than your first).

    Many women who have a retroverted uterus aren’t even aware of it, and it has no impact on the health of your baby.

    I would talk to your midwife or GP before your wedding and honeymoon, as sex really shouldn't cause any problems for you, and I'm sure you want to consummate the marriage.

    Best Wishes


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