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Could I be pregnant?

Hi - I'm new here,

So my Fiance and I have been trying for a baby for three months now. I should've had my period on the 16th making me currently four days unsure. I had taken a test on my first day of this happening and taken a test this morning which both have came back negative. I have a very, very slight pink colour when I wipe but nothing to show elsewhere. This has thrown me as I have never had this before. I have had a slight twinge of cramp on my right side of my pelvis but again, different to what I'm used to. This comes and goes. I am experiencing dizzy spells when I could be just sitting watching TV rushes of nausea also feel that i'm running to the toilet a lot which isn't what i'm used to.

Just looking for advice on what I should do next. Was thinking of visiting my GP...



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Leave it a week, if you don't get your period test again. I didn't get a positive until I was 9 days late. If you still get a negative, and no period, request a blood test from GP

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