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Braxton hicks

I was in hospital on saturday for reduced movement. baby is fine but was having braxton hicks while there they checked me and i wasnt in labour then. tonight ive been havibg regular uncomfortable but not painful tightenings since about 7pm i got in bath and its now 11pm and still getting them. Am i alright to go to bed as long as they arent painful no bleeding or leaking fluid. but on my own with my six year old as partner works nights

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Forgot to mention im 30 and 5 days


We have a similar issue lol! Mine weren't regular and my uterus stayed hard as a rock. If yours is tightening and softening and has any kind of pattern ring triage. If it has a pattern it'll probably be more than braxton hicks x


Theyve eased off this morning. feel like crap but then that might be lack of sleep.


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