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i'm 16 and i might be pregnant, advice please :c


I'm 16 and i have a boyfriend, we're sexually active and i think i'm pregnant... i should have got my period on the 28th of October and its now the 16th of November. My boyfriend said a while ago that he will go along with whatever i want to do but now its happening and im scared, i've been feeling really sick and dizzy but i havent thrown up. I'm so afraid.. how do i tell him? i cant get a test because i'm broke and my mum would find it. please help.

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you are not suppose to fear your boy friend just tell him my dear I also had my first born when i was 16 congratulations keep that baby is a blessing!

If you go to your gp they will test for free. Don't leave it as if you are pregnant and you want to continue your pregnancy it is important you get the right care throughout your pregnancy and they will give you vitamins which will help the baby as it grows. Try not to panic I got pregnant at 17 and it was the best thing that happened to me as scary as it seemed at the time! The gp is legally bound to be confidential so they will not tell anyone or your parents about the appointment. Some pharmacies also offer tests etc but you normally need appointment so.youd have to ring or nip and and ask. If you can maybe afford a few pounds you can get them.from home bargains you have missed enough of your.period for it to show.on any test rather than just early tests. Hope this helps!


Well you are way over due your period and the next thing you really need to do is a test. You can order them online on eBay really cheap. Do you have any friends you can speak to about this? You have to either buy a test or go to your GP. The pound shops even sell pregnancy tests. You shouldn't be afraid to tell your boyfriend. He helped to make it if you are and it's not all down to you. Maybe he could lend you a few pounds to get one or go to the doctors with you. Just tell him it still hasn't started and you need to find out one way or another. You could go to your GP or buy a test and use a public toilet. Then you can decide what you want to do. Good luck. Your mum may be angry at first but I am sure that's because she loves you and wants what's best for you. Don't be afraid to speak to her.


Hi There,

Try not to feel scared, there is plenty of help out there. nhs.uk/Service-Search/Sexua... if you follow this link, and put your post code in, it will tell young where your local young person's clinic is and they can do a test with you, that will enable you to work through your choices in a very supportive environment. If it's negative, they can discuss contraception with you as well. The other good source (which is also confidential) is the school nurse attached to your school. Parents are also great helpers once they get their heads around the news, or with the support of the clinic nurses you will be able to tell her. But first do go and do a test, as you may be worrying unnecessarily! Stress can make periods late. Please don't just hope it all goes away, get some help as soon as you can. Do post again if you are finding help hard.

Best Wishes


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