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Not gaining weight

Im currently 26 weeks pregnant and bump measures small. However by scan baby is measuring fine with an estimated weight of 2lbs currently. However ive had terrible morning sickness which had me in hospital twice. My worry is that i still weigh less than i did at 7 weeks pregnant by a couple lbs. Is this ok or should i be worried im not gaining weight even though baby is ok

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I've never had this issue as my bumps were always over if anything lol if you're eating right and taking vitamins you should be OK. Make sure you're drinking plenty even if the morning sickness puts you off. If they've measured the baby and it's ok I guess they'll probably just monitor you. If you're concerned see your midwife and see if there's any action plan or anything.


I'd say this is normal, especially if you are taking vitamins etc and baby is weighing normal. It'll be down to the sickness that you e had no gain. If you're concerned, book in to see your mw or doctor. Good luck xx


Hi there

Have you heard of Pregnancy Sickness Support? They are a brilliant charity that supports women with pregnancy sickness. They have a helpful advice line that I would recommend calling to put your mind at rest.

This is there number and they are open 9- 4.30 Monday to Friday 02476382020

This is the website also: pregnancysicknesssupport.or...

Best wishes



some women don't grow massively when there pregnant it all depends on body shape, if the baby is growing fine then there is nothing wrong you just wont have a huge bump


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