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Reduced movements


I'm 22 weeks pregnant with my 3rd. I have felt her move since around 18weeks. It got stronger by 20. With my previous pregnancies I had bits of reduced movements but nothing like this. I went 11hours feeling nothing yesterday. Literally not a wiggle. I had to poke jump and trying lying down to get her to move. It was only after 11 hours I felt her lightly move and kick me. She seem unlike herself. She picked up alot by 13 hours after I stopped feeling her. Then she's kicked abit this morning so she seems OK. When I got pregnant this time midwife told me that they've found since my last pregnancy that counting kicks are more important as reduced movements have been noted days before premature labour and miscarriage. It's got me worrying a little. I know the routine .. tell midwife go to the antenatal clinic at the hospital and get monitored for an hour get told all is fine and come home. Been through it all with my other two.. makes it difficult to be strapped to a machine with 2 toddlers lol. Should I just see how she goes today before contacting midwife? I go to Wales for a week on Monday so I won't be around and as available for the midwife really just looking for reassurance I think lol

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im 24 weeks and yesterday I was going trough the same, she moved twice through out the whole day, this morning though she is being really active again, so I guess it does not always mean something is wrong, however I have a heart monitor and I do no what im looking for and how to tell if babys ok and she was that's why I didn't panic, if your still worries you should speak to your midwife


I had a similar thing with my daughter and when she was born she had got tangled in her umbilical cord twice. So both me and my partner have said next time I'll be demanding a scan if it happens again. I would go and get checked out and if they try and say everything's fine just say you want to see everything's fine.

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