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6+5 mucus stringy bit


Sorry ladies I need some help really frighten and stesssed as just been to the loo, wiped myself and had a horrible stringy bit on my tissue. I'm petrified I have had a miscarriage as I had some spotting last week. Has anyone else has this? I'm going for an early scan tomorrow but fear the worst has happened

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Hi, I think I've replied to a post you did in the past about bleeding. Did the pains stop? Bleeding is normal for some women in pregnancy and unfortunately so is weird discharge! Sometimes mucus discharge can indicate an infection like thrush or something but depends on your other symptoms. I bled so much in 2 pregnancies and they are both fine and I lost bloody discharge in the pregnancy and she's doing great too. Try not to worry till you have your scan! Hope all goes well.

Tantan1979 in reply to SC94

Thank you for the reply. No bleeding at all this week but have period pains on and off.it wasn't very nice what came out last night but took a photo to show the doctor later when I have my scan.

I had this stringy thing and everything is okay. Apparently you can lose small pieces from your mucus plug throughout pregnancy and it grows back, I would only be concerned if it was a large amount and blood tinged

Thank you it was around 2-3 come and I link tinge Judy hope I'm ok.

2-3 cm

It's doesn't really sound like too much to worry about but just show them the picture just incase. Pain is normal at beginning. My pain was do bad I had to stop what I was doing and sit down which drove me mad cos was sure there was something wrong but no everything fine. It's everything settling in and stretching. Is this your first? Sometimes bedding in pain is worse with first.

Tantan1979 in reply to SC94

Thank you. You have made me feel a little better

I had a miscarriage early on this year, i started with bleeding out of the blue which stopped for a day or so then started again heavily and lossing clots. It sounds like it was part of the mucus plug and that regenerates dont worry till after they tell you anything at the scan, stress wont help you

Hello everyone I went for my scan yesterday I was 6+6 but I have suffered a miscarriage. The scan confirmed this yesterday. Devestated is an understatement. Sorry for yr loss Kate 91

Oh Tantan and Kate so sorry to hear about your miscarriages. Heart breaking for you xxx

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