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18 days late for period 6 negative tests

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Hi really looking for some advise, I had a my last period on the 15th July and haven't had one since. My periods are usually like clock work, I've got sore boobs, stomach is cramping and feels a little tender, I've been going to the loo more often, and a little light headed yesterday but fine today, no sickness but I didn't have any with my first child so not too bothered by that, my smell has gone funny too, can't stand the smell of flash bleach. I've done 6 clear blue tests at various times of the day and they all say negative. I done know if I should wait one more week and do another test or maybe just go straight to GP. NHS website says I should be 6 weeks pregnant with a due date of the 21/4/17 which is 2 days before my birthday that would be so awesome. Thanks in advance for any advise.

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I think you should visit your GP as a test would give you a accurate result by now, if you have had 6 negatives I would say your not pregnant

I'm not convinced I'm not pregnant as I have many symptoms and have other children so know what it feels like to be pregnant. But will definitely be going to GP tomorrow as I have never been 18 days late for a period. I keep thinking that I'm going to come on but it's just not happening.

Thanks for your reply.

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Hi there

I would recommend visiting your GP, which it looks like you're doing today. They will be able to go over your dates and run some test. I hope this is helpful and gives you some answers.

Good luck.


hi georgie - any update? xx

hi georgie - any updates where you pregnant?

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