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Preparing for surgical treatment

I am having a surgical abortion in 3 days at a bpas clinic hundreds of miles from where i I live. I am very anxious but it has been helpful reading peoples positive experiences and advice online, as I have not had anybody to confide in about this. The bpas staff on the helpline have all been incredible and gone above and beyond to help. I am scared to go through this alone but I know that I will be able to help other women afterwards by sharing my story.

Claire xx

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Hi Claire, sorry that you are anxious and having to go through this alone, if you need someone to talk to just message me. Helen x

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Thank you Helen for your kind words, I appreciate them. I've found it much easier to open up to strangers online than those in my life, i think message boards are invaluable xx


Hi there

I hope all has gone well for you Claire at such an anxious time. Thank-you for sharing your experience it really does help to hear from someone that has been through an experience such as yours, and that you can give such helpful and honest advice.

I hope you’re ok.

Best wishes



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