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Attending gigs whilst pregnant

Hi, I am trying to find out whether there is any medical reason why I should not go to a nightclub to listen to a gig whilst pregnant. I am very healthy and so is the baby, I will be 25 weeks pregnant at the time I am thinking of attending the event. I understand that there may be divided opinion on this based upon people's own personal standpoints so I'm only looking for medical advice and evidence. Thanks very much to anyone who can help.

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I cant think of any reason other than the risk you are at in a crowded area, if the venue will allow you to go into a less crowded space id say fine but if your going to risk being pushed about i wouldnt go

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Babies are sensitive to noise by that age, they respond to voices, music and loud noises. Although there probably isn't medical evidence why you shouldn't go, it may be quite loud for the baby and if it is crowded and there is alcohol flowing then there may be a chance of being pushed too so maybe not worth the risk.


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