Am I pregnant?

Am I pregnant?

Hi, I'm a little confused! My husband and I are trying for a baby, I took two tests this morning that indicate I could be pregnant, then took a digital one around tea time and it says I'm not pregnant. The dr is sending me for a blood test to make sure, but now I've seen the not pregnant result, I'm all over the place! Has anyone had this before?

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  • Hormone readings are stronger using first urine of the days plus some cheaper tests have lower thresholds to get a positive chances are you are pregnant. the positive ones are very clear and its very rare to get a false positive

  • I did another test this morning and it says I'm 1-2 weeks pregnant 😀

  • Congrats if its clear blue dont forget to add two weeks to the number it shows on display mine showed four weeks plus turned out i was 6 and a half my dates i worked out were confirmed by scan

  • Thank you, it was a clear blue one. Didn't realise you had to add the two weeks on! That makes more sense as the doctor said I was about 4 weeks when they phoned but doing another blood test to make sure!

  • You add the 2 weeks because doctors and midwives date a pregnancy from.last day of your period. which is usually 2 weeks before conception. i was literally 2 days out from the dates id worked out to what my scans.put me at

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