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8 days late, negative test

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My cycles have been regular at 30 days. I'm now 8 days late and I've had 2 negative tests....... I'm really confused as I've never been this late before. Was I too early in taking a test? Advice please

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Hello- Have you been taking the tests in the morning? Sometimes taking a test first thing if the morning can have a more effective result. If you are worried it might be an idea to pop down to your GP or local contraceptive and sexual health clinic and talk to them about your dates so that they can put your mind at ease as to what's going on. I think you can also take pregnancy tests with them. X

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Racey11 in reply to becca112

Thank u becca112.

I'm now 9days late, getting more hunger pains, slight right pelvic twinges and occasionally feeling sick. But no sore boobs.......?

I've taken one test in the morning and one in evening. But I took them on day 32 & 35..? Mayb too early?????

I've a docs appointment tomorrow so hopefully I'll get sum answers, but been trying for 16mths now. So if I'm not it will b very disappointing and I'm worried wat else it cud be........x

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becca112 in reply to Racey11

I think you were right to test on day 32 and 35, I don't think that is too early. I wonder whether you maybe have low levels of hCG?? I think that can delay a positive result on a pregnancy test? That's good that you have a doctors appointment tomorrow, they might be able to take a blood test to see what is going on. I hope everything goes to plan. I know how you feel trying for a long period of time; I went through the same thing. But try and stay as positive as you can. x

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Hello there I’m experiencing the same thing now I had two periods last moth non this month so far boobs feel sore my cycle last month was on the 1st and again on the 17th both lasting 5 days but none this month so far I took two test negative idk what’s going on I had miscarriage n October last year so we r trying again now

i was late took 3 tests they were negative then a week later took a clear blue test still was negative 10 days late at this point then took another test 5 days after the clear blue 1 and it was positive and 15 days late so i think i got caught late and it wasnt showing up in my system

Thank you 19sarah88!

Your comment has made me a bit more hopeful.

I've been to the doctors tonight and got a negative test (10 days late now!!)

So next week I'm to have a blood and swab test to find out what is going on x

Hopefully the blood test will come back with some results. Have my fingers crossed for you. xx

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