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Implantation bleeding negative test

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i had a period june 28th

On July 26th the day I was supposed to start my period at 2:30 am so (July 27th) I went to the restroom and when I wiped I had brown blood nothing in my panties though, it lasted 3 days and it was very light I wore one pad in the day and one at night on the day I stopped spotting it was still dark brown in my panty liner but like pink when I wiped. I thought I was having implantation bleeding so I took a pregnancy test and I got a faint positive ill post picture below then I a urine pregnancy test at my Drs office and it was negative last time I tested was last week but it was also negative I've never had a period like that no changes to my diet no stress NOTHING

Has anyone had something similar happen and ended up being pregnant but tested to soon

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the pregnancy test you have posted looks like a positive, is this the most recent test you have done? brown blood is old blood and your experience sounds exactly like mine, im now nearly 17 weeks pregnant, I would suggest wait a few more days and test again using the first urine of the day

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Hi there

A pregnancy test is usually accurate 3 weeks after last sex, or in your case when a period lighter, late or shorter than usual. It would be best to wait a few days and repeat the test. Use an early morning pee, and if it's still negative I would see your GP again. To work out dates etc.

I hope this helps

Best wishes


Hi. I think that looks like a positive. I know the line is very faint but I took several tests with the faintest of lines and I found out that in fact any line showing like that is usually a positive as very rare to get a false one.

And it sounds like the brown stuff is perhaps implantation bleeding. Good luck I would wait few days and check again xxx

Thanks ladies I believe im not pregnant or if I was I'm not anymore I took another test and it was negative I'm going to schedule an appointment with my obgyn and figure out what's going on

were you pregnant?

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