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Period? Implantation? 11 days late.


I've been off my Cilest contraceptive pill for 10 months now and still havnt conceived.

My periods have averaged between 29-32 days. A couple of months only had short periods but put it down to the pill. Has any one problems since coming off the pill?

This month I was 11 days late. Around day 5 I had really sharp pain in my lower belly but nothing happened. My period came for 2 days, heavy and painful, then disappeared.

I've taken 2 tests, both negative.

I'm constantly getting pain low down near my ovaries, doctors sending me for a scan to see if cyst but no blood test done for pregnancy.

Everyone is different so can't really find a answer.

I hate being a women, I don't know what my body is doing and I really want children. Is this just all in my head!!

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Hiya, I was on the same pill as you when I came off it to try for children. Like yourself it left me with very irregular periods and no pregnancy!

I went to my GPs who tested me and it showed I had low progesterone levels and then he referred me and my partner to the fertility specialist when it turned out I wasn't ovaluting and my periods were 'fake ones'!

After a few test I was put on chlomid and I'm happy to say I'm currently now 35weeks pregnant!

Good luck to you Hun X

Bubbers007 in reply to Hidden

Your story really does give people hope x

I was on the same pill for a while for contraceptive reasons, before being on the pill my periods were very regular (28 days exactly) and lasted about 4 days as soon as I came off periods were a very rare occasion, sometimes leaving 12 weeks between each one bringing lots of hope but also lots of let downs with every negative test! Went to my doctor and he would just say it's due to the pill! I finally started getting regular periods (this was almost 4 years down the line) and only then did I manage to get pregnant, happily 20 weeks yesterday! Just speak to your doctor and push for tests!

Thank you for your replies.

Results from my blood test come back all ok. Got a scan coming up soon.

I wish I knew there were so many complications when coming off the pill and I would of come off if it earlier.

I'm not sure when I'm ovulating but knowing that ruins the fun too, because that's then all I think about.

I want children so badly, never thought it would be this hard. It seems people who don't deserve children keep having them and the ones that have worked hard to achieve a good life for future children struggle.

Sorry rant over lol


Hi there

You need to wait 3 weeks after last sex to do an accurate PT, so you may have tested too early. It’s difficult to assess the effects of the pill on a woman’s fertility when so many other factors may be contributing. Some women will return to their normal levels of hormone secretion within a couple of days of ceasing the pill. Others may take up to six or 12 months. But the majority of women will return to normal within the first few months. Good luck, and hope the scan goes ok.

Best wishes


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