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I had sex with my partner twice a week before my ovulation week, had sex twice during my ovulation week and twice a week before my period due date? My periods meant to come on this week . On Tuesday I had sex with my partner and the next morning I noticed some light bleeding then it came on and off throughout the day (had cramping also) I'm wondering if it's my period, and if it is I don't understand why it's different from my normal periods? Coz normally my period are very heavy especially on the first two days. I'm really confused and worried, don't know what to do. I know I'm not pregnant coz I haven't had any pregnancy symptoms

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Hi there

If your period is lighter than usual it is always good to take a test.

If you're concerned about your period I would suggest booking an appointment with your GP so you can talk through your dates and they can run any tests they may deem necessary.

I hope this helps

Best wishes



Fingers crossed for you girl!! Hope soon you will have beautiful babies and won't have to go through horrible journey of long ttc. For some people it takes couple of months and even years. It's truly satisfying to see somebody finaly got pregnant.


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