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Could I be pregnant ?

Hi, Im new here and have to ask for some advice. My period is NEVER late the once or twice it was it has only been by 1 or 2 days. I am currently 3 weeks late. I am having all my usual period symptoms just with out the blood. After the first week I took a pregnancy test but it was negative so just left it and kind of forgot about it until the other day when I noticed a very very small amount of blood its that kind of brownish colour, I thought it was maybe the start of my period but I still only get a tiny tiny amount. Its been 3 weeks and still have sore boobs and really sleepy like when I have my period. Could I be pregnant even if the test was negative ? Is it worth doing another test or should I just go to my doctor ? I've never been in this sort of situation before so I am really freaking out and have no idea what to do. If anyone can help with advice I would be very grateful. Thanks

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Do another test. If it's negative then it may be worth arranging to see your GP to see if there is any other cause for your missed period.


Ok thank you !


Hi there

It would be a good idea to do another test as the first one may have just been too early. If it is negative again it would be worth chatting through things with your GP or local contraceptive clinic, as they could work out dates etc with you, and if necessary do another test in clinic. If you can use the first pee of the day (as it’s the strongest) and it has been 3 weeks since last sex as well as your period being so late, you are more likely to get an accurate result. Good luck.

Best wishes



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