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10 wks pregnant, extreme tiredness

Hi, I just wanted to ask if any of you felt over welmingly tired/ exausted in the first trimester 😴😴😴😴,?

It seems to be getting worse, I wrk 35 hrs a week I do 2 long days 11 he days and 3 half days. I sleep v well but wake up tired, I've been going to bed at 9 or 9.30pm.

Just feel totally wiped out.

Also, I am starting to show and I havnt informed my bosses yet, want to wait till my 12 wk scan . I think subconsiously I've been trying to hold belly in and then by end of day tummy feels achey .

I'm over the moon I'm pregnant through IVF first time, but have to say, I'm struggling at the mo.

Any advice for me ??

Thank you xx

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Hi there

Congratulations on your pregnancy! It is usual to feel very tired, as long days can take their toil. You should talk to your GP and get your iron levels checked, as that may contribute to you feeling tired, and you might just need supplements, or he could sign you off until you could tell your employers.

Best wishes


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My 1st I slept around 14-16 hrs !!! I have bad clicky hip & would always pop out of place from around 10wks due to my work I had to stay off and boy did I need it! For almost the first half of pregnancy I slept only managing to stay awake long enough to do bare bSics .. Mid wife app garenteed I'd nap in car and waiting room it did get better around 24/26wks but on my 2nd I'd nap as and when through lunch break , get in early to have 12min power nap or if struggling id ask to take 10 n have speedy snooze may not feel alive waking up but sure manage to get through the shifts x plus I didn't really notice I was tired or feel drained I'd just know I wouldn't survive a 10hr shift :) x

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