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Hi there, I've been on contraceptive for the past 5 years and about 2 months I finally stopped with it. However I haven't had a period the full 5 years of me taking the contraceptive and still haven't yet. Will this effect me in trying to get pregnant? Will my fertility be effected by this also? Me and my partner haven't been using condoms for the two months I've been off and nothing has happened yet.

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Hi emilysmithx, I was on the pill for ten years but did have cycles, when I came off my periods were very irregular which led my GP to refer me for infertility issues. For me I personally believe the pill did have something to do with me not producing any progesterone which is what you need to ovaluate but I don't think there is any medical studies to show it. Some people say it takes 3months- 2years to get back to normal - if your worried go and see your GP :) X

Ps- there is hope- I'm currently 18weeks pregnant! X

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Hi there

Fertility comes back very quickly after stopping the pill. As if a woman misses only 2 pills‎ there is a high pregnancy risk. You may not have had a period yet, but that doesn't mean you are not ovulating. Try not to worry too much at this stage, relax and keep trying. A couple using no contraception do have an 85% of becoming pregnant in 1 year.

I hope this helps

Best wishes


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Hi I was on the pill for 3 years and came off it in April 20th of this year. Had a withdrawal bleed on the 25th for for days and then had a natural period 20th May for 4 days. I am now 5 weeks pregnant. I guess everyone is different but I always believed I would getmy periods back quickly as they were quite regular before the pill

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