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Pregnancy test showing positive but bleeding

Hi everyone,

I found out on 12/06/16 that i am pregnant after two tests. I have been feeling bloated, had lots of wind and feeling sick without vomiting. Today 13/05/16 when i was at work i had cramps but opened my bowel once then i felt better but i still had mild cramps. Also, When i arrived home around 17.15 i went to toilet then when wipped i saw bleed which is light. I did an early pregnancy test 4 days before my period this is because i normally have my period around 5-6 day before my due date and i have very good track of my period. Can someone please help out, this is my first pregnancy and i am not sure what to say to my partner because it's his first child too.

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bleeding can be common especially in the first trimester it does not necessarily mean there is a problem so try not to worry, I would advice you call your doctor and discuss your symptoms with them, they will most likely want to send you for a ultrasound just to make sure everything is fine, I wish you the best of luck I know how you feel as I have had bleeding also, I had a scan on the 8th and everything was fine

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Hi hspread,

Thank you for your reply feeling abit relived been crying my eyes out. I tried phoning my doctor but I was told to call back in the morning as it was too late. I've been passing urine more frequent since today and the bleeding is light red. Thank you again.


im glad your feeling slightly better, honestly try not to worry as chances are everything is fine, lots of ladies experience bleeding in the first 12 weeks and your other symptoms are perfectly normal for pregnancy, best of luck :-)


Thank you!


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