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Pregnant or not??

I take my pill regularly (Rigevedon) but lately I've been feeling sick a lot my tummy has bloated out badly I'm always tired and I have SED (selective eating disorder) and I've been pushing away food and not exactly craving but thinking about new foods that generally make me feel ill. Should I take a pregnancy test? Or am i being silly. I have regular feelings that I am pregnant, I don't know why this is or why I feel like it but I've been told about phantom pregnancies? I don't know I'm clueless!

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I'd take a test. I took tests and got positive put because doctor didn't have test that tested before period I got a negative so when I took more and got 8 positive tests I went back to a different doctor and she said I won't argue with 8 tests do you feel pregnant? And I definetly did lol she said you know your own body. so if you feel pregnant I'd definetly take a test. Just don't get hopes up or get worried cos pill is normally very effective (so it says in the bloody label! Haha) I hope this helps and you get the result you want.

Also my mum got pregnant with me on injection and my aunt had my cousin with the coil. Not all are sperm proof all the time ! Haha


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