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Oral sedation during pregnancy

I'm in my second trimester. I'm having severe tooth pain for the last 2 months. First, I didn't think about consulting any dentist because the medicines that they providing will affect my baby's health. But last week the pain was intolerable and I was not able to stay consciously even for a minute. So I consulted a dental doctor near my locality.He suggested a root canal therapy ( ) for me. But I'm really scared about the dental treatments and he suggested an oral sedation. But I'm really tensed because should I have an oral sedation during the time of pregnancy. Has anyone done oral sedation during the time of pregnancy? Kindly advice. I'm really scared.

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Hi there

Please be led by the healthcare professionals in charge of your care. A dentist is a highly trained person, and I’m sure they would not suggest this if they didn’t think it was safe. You could always check with your midwife as well.

I hope this helps

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