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Scan at early pregnancy consultation, can I get a copy?

I am due to go for a pregnancy consultation next week. My pregnancy was unplanned, being with a boyfriend who lives abroad and also in a fairly new relationship, although at have known each other nearly 3 years now. This pregnancy has completely thrown us. All logical thoughts point toward termination but there's part of both of us that wants this baby, I'm terrified to go it alone, plus I have a 4yr old from a previous relationship, so amongst other things I'm scared what people are going to think. That said, I'm not really sure I can go ahead with a termination.

So, I have a consultation next week, where I understand I'll be able to talk to a counsellor about my options. I think by then I'll be 6 weeks pregnant so my plan is, if the scan shows it is a viable pregnancy, I'm going to fly out to see my boyfriend so we can talk about it in person, having a few weeks to decide before the cut off point.

Anyway, I would really like to be able to share my scan with my boyfriend, will I be able to get a print out, or take a picture / video of the scan on my phone? I know I won't even be shown the screen unless I ask but I have no idea whether scan pics are given as this normally doesn't happen until 12 weeks.


Sarah X

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We just had a scan at 6 weeks (as we have been through IVF so this is normal practice) and we were given a picture to take away. I'm not sure what different clinics offer but I'm sure if you ask they can not say no.

Good luck xx


Hi there

It depends which provider you will be accessing. Usually in England though you will have access to some form of counselling, and you are able to see your scan pictures if that helps aide your decision. Discuss it with the nurse you see for the scan, and then extra copies can be provided. I hope it goes ok.

Best wishes



It is worth asking as it may well be something they can provide. Some hospitals may have a small charge so its worth asking in advance or making sure you have cash with you on the day. At 6 weeks the baby will look like a blob but I would defininitly keep a copy of a scan picture anyway!


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