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Pregnant or paranoid?

Hi guys,

Completely new on here just thought I'd get a second opinion as I'm slightly freaking out. Almost a couple of months ago I forgot to take my pill, although I have taken it less than 24 hours after forgetting which should still protect against pregnancy. I've not forgotten to take any pills since and been taking them regularly. 

A couple of days after taking one of my pills late I had sex with a guy but he didn't use a condom. I've had one period since then and I'm due for my period in 3 days, however I have a weird feeling I could be pregnant?

I might just be paranoid because I've been working out a little and my stomach seems harder and changed shape a little but I've not really had any of the common early pregnancy symptoms. It does seem a tiny bit bloated even before eating. Can I assume I'm not pregnant when my period arrives in 3 days and it's normal as always or should I worry? Can't bring myself to go and get a pregnancy test, feel so embarrassed.

Thanks for your help!

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