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Could I be Pregnant

Hi, I just wanted a little bit advise really. My period was due on 21st of this month (my cycle is around 28 days) and I am now 4 days late. I have been getting period like pains and it feels like I could start at anytime but every time i check there's nothing.

I have recently checked how long my cycle is each month and It is usually 27, 28 or 29 days which is why I haven't taken a pregnancy test yet. I am wondering whether i should wait at least a week to see if i still come on my period before I take a test.

I have been getting symptoms of nausea, headaches,feeling lightheaded and dizzy at times. 

Is there a chance I could be pregnant and when would it be best to take a test?



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Hi there

The only way to know if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. As you are late for your period I would suggest taking a test now. If it comes back negative and you still haven't got your period it would be a good idea to take another test a few days later. If after this it still says not pregnant but you haven't come on your period I would suggest booking an appointment with your GP so they can run some tests.

I hope this helps.

Try not to worry because sometimes that can delay your period.

Best wishes



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