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Motion sickness and joint pain

hi all I'm pretty new to this and just want to get some first hand answers a few weeks ago when I started my new job I started getting really bad travel sickness I thought because I had abit of a stuffy nose/cold that it might just be encouraging the travel sickness but no! The Cold went away the travel sickness got worse to the point where I actually had to get off the bus and walk about 3 miles home. I have never had travel sickness in my life. It's still there now just I'm always feeling abit off and a little queezy but it doesn't help that this cold is back again! My hips have also been really hurting over the past week now I'm having to sleep with a pillow between my legs I'm exactly a week late and my breasts have only just begun to start hurting should I test? My next question is can pregnancy bring on really bad travel sickness?  Or has anyone else experienced this first hand instead of your usual morning sickness symptom? 


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Hi there

A pregnancy test is usually accurate 3 weeks after un-protected sex or when a period is late. So if you test now it should be accurate. Feeling sick in early pregnancy is a common symptom for many women, as are achy joints. If your test is positive it may be best to see your GP for help with your symptoms. Good luck.  

Best wishes



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