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Not ttc to conceive but may be pregnant

I have endometriosis so knew conceiving would be difficult. We decided that next year would be better for us financially so we are waiting til April/May time next year to ttc. However we had unprotected sex on 29th March. My cycles are 6 weeks and I would have been most fertile around that time. Around 5 days later I started to feel pinches and tugs inside my tummy. Felt like my insides were being caught on a zip. I also continue to feel sick in waves and nothing tastes the same... I even have easter eggs left over (very unusual for me). My nipples are constantly sensitive and have got darker (not by much). I usually have lots of discharge around this time of the month but I have very little at the mo and what i do have is uncharacteristically thin. I've had no bleeds and still have 2 weeks to wait until by period is due.

I have miscarried before and I felt symptoms this early on in that pregnancy too.

I just feel odd and although unlikley, feel that I could be pregnant.

Any help or support out there?

Thanks xx

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Hi there

The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant is to do a pregnancy test. It would be accurate 3 weeks after sex (19th April for you). There is a test called Viola from Lloyds pharmacy that claims to be accurate before a period is missed, so you may want to try that, or wait and see (which I know is hard) to see if your period arrives.  

This leaflet looks at fertility, endo and pregnancy that may also help?

Best wishes



Update- i am still testing negative but still feel odd so may just be the endo getting worse. All i know is im fed up!


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