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Am I pregnant?


I'm looking for some advice, I had my implant removed on the 2nd Feb after 3 years of having it in place. My periods have been irregular ever since I had my first implant 6 years ago. The day my implant was removed I had my period. I still haven't started my period, although I know it may tKe some time for my body to adjust. However I've been having lots of pregnancy symptoms such as, neausea, peeing more, bloating, metallic taste and noticing smells. I've done 5 or so tests but their all negative. I just don't feel right in myself. I don't want to get my hopes up but is it possible to be pregnant and get neg tests? I don't want to go to the GP just yet in case he thinks I'm being silly.


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Hi. If you've done quite a few tests and they've come up negative and you still feel like you could be pregnant I would go to your doctor! They won't think you're being silly and if you're not pregnant you will still come to a conclusion of why you're feeling like this. Hope this helps


Hi there

Fertility comes back very quickly once it is removed, so you don’t always need to have had a period before you become pregnant. A pregnancy test is accurate 3 weeks after sex, or when a period is missed or late. You are possibly testing too early. I know it’s hard but I would wait 5-7 days and repeat the pregnancy test, if it’s still negative I would go and talk your symptoms through with your doctor.

Best wishes


I would wait and repeat test however i had mine out on feb 2nd and had a period within days and am now about 5 weeks pregnant and my tests are all positive. But wait a while take another test and all else fails go see doctor

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