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10wk+4days, bleeding

I had to leave college yesterday due to a vast amount of bleeding, so badly that it filled a pad in 10 minutes. I then got given an emergency scan, but the scan showed a healthy baby (my first pregnancy and my first scan). But there was no where that the blood came from on the screen, the woman doing the ultrasound said that there was no place the bleed could be from around the baby which was good. But I'm getting worried as I don't know what it is and she didn't know either. She said it could be strain from the amount of work I do at gym (4 days a week for 2 hours).

Do I worry or do I just see it as normal as my teacher said his wife experienced this when she was pregnant. It eased over night and the morning but it's come back on this afternoon

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Hi there

That's nice that your teacher is being reassuring. I would trust in what your health professional said, you should always take their advice regarding exercise during pregnancy. This link may also help

Best wishes



Yeah it was really nice and helpful with how reassuring he was, thankfully the bleeding has completely stopped now, just going to limit the amount of gym work I do. Thank you.

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