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I need help does any body else think I could be pregnant

I need help does any body else think I could be pregnant

I took a test last month and got a positive, I then took another one the day after that to make sure but that one came up negative I've been getting my periods but I'm getting all the signs, I'm being sick after nearly all meals, I've always got headaches my belly is growing well in my eyes it is I'll post picture I've been to doctors took a test came back negative but they took my blood to send of, this month I have came on bus it's different it's brown blood and has been for a week would like some opinions please x

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Hi there

I think you should back to your doctor and talk through your concerns and check what the blood test result was, and they could repeat a urine pregnancy test whilst you are there with them and chat through your symptoms.

I hope this helps

Best wishes



I went to my doctors they took blood test came back all normal but don't understand why I'm being sick all the time x


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