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Pregnant with adeshion pain

Am just over 14 weeks and have horrendous pain which been getting worse. The consultant thinks I have adeshion pains and I will only get worse.

I am in so much pain and I need help and need some advice... The consultant is referring me to get a support brace to help support the pregnancy growing in belly for around my stomach, so I really hope that helps.

I have a history of having a number of operation to remove fibroids cyst and I had a ovary and tubes removed a number of years ago too so I have had a lot of operation to cause a lot of adeshion..

Any advice would be great, or anyone who had adeshion pain and been pregnant -how did you cope...???.

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Hi there

I think it would be a good for idea for you to talk to your consultant and take their lead. Also it might be a good idea to ask your midwife what else might help, as they can advise what would be safe to use during pregnancy.

I hope this helps

Best wishes



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