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Bleeding in early pregnancy now 12 weeks and been fine but still worried


Hi, Just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation. I have had 6 miscarriages all with 1 previous partner and all happened before 6 weeks. I met someone else and fell pregnant at about 6 weeks I had some heavy bleeding and pain, going straight to a&e thinking it was another miscarriage, only to be told that everything was fine and a heartbeat was found. The bleeding stopped the next day. I then had another heavy bleed with clots and pain at about 9 weeks, only lasted a few hours and stopped. Going to a check up scan a week later, I knew they were going to tell me the baby had gone, but it hadn't he/she was there dancing away. They did find a small bleed next to the baby and said that this can absorb or bleed out. I went to my 12 week and was told the bleed had started to absorb and baby looked fine. I'm just still worried to start letting people know, I've not even told my work as I'm still worried something will happen. Has anyone else has a similar situation and everything worked out fine? I feel I wont feel safe until he/she is here.

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Hi there

Your worries are very understandable given your past history, but you need to be reassured by the healthcare professionals that are currently caring for you and the information they give you. The Miscarriage Association has lots of information that may also help to reassure you that many women do go to have healthy pregnancies even after a tough time. Hope it all goes well.

Best wishes


huge hugs to you hun.

i lost a baby last year, and im pregnant again at the moment, i am 17 weeks and i have had bleeding at 7 and 10 weeks, but was told all was fine.

so i can understand how you must feel, it is hard to get your head around, but sometimes it just happens, i was told that bleeding can occur until 14 weeks, and its all part of the settling in process.

i have only just told my friends and family, i was worried to.

but all is ok now and im just waiting for my next scan in three weeks time.

have you got a fetal doppler?

i bought one for reassurance and i love it, its been a godsend for me.

good luck hun, hope you have a healthy pregnancy :) keep in touch xxx

SamaraC in reply to Becks-734

Thank you, you story is giving me hope! I wont be scanned until 15 weeks now, so fingers crossed everything will be ok. I haven't got a fetal doppler, what one do you use? My midwife said not to get one as sometimes they might not pick up the heartbeat and make you panic or pick up my heartbeat and give me false hope.

Thanks again for sharing your positive story :) xxx

Becks-734 in reply to SamaraC

all midwives don't support them, but i think they are fab, they have been an unbelievable reassurance for me.

the worry is that you will listen to your own heart beat thinking its babys or listen to the placenta flow thinking its babys, but trust me you will know when you pick it up, its very fast and sounds like a horse galloping.

i dont always get it mind, it depends what position my baby is in.

i am 17 weeks now and i first picked up the heart beat at 10 weeks 6 days.

youtube has alot of videos to show you how to do it and what it should sound like etc.

i use sonoline A doppler - if u google that xxx

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