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Is there a chance I'm pregnant?


I am on the pill (microgynon). I started a new pack on Monday the 28th of December after a weeks break. On Friday (31st) I had unprotected sex. I did take the pill on the day, slightly later than usual (I think around 10-11am). (Gross bit sorry ) Then I had diarrhoea and I can't figure out how long after the pill it was. It was watery but only happened that one time. Having completely forgotten that it can have an effect on the absorption of the pill, I had sex that evening without any other contraception.

I woke up at 1am realising this, and took another pill. Not sure if that helps

Is there a chance I can be pregnant?

Or should I be covered?

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HI there

It is normally when you have a prolonged stomach bug that the absorption of the pill would be affected. It sounds like you will be covered, but are you now out of sync with your pill times? To be sure you can do a pregnancy test on 21st January which would be 3 weeks since that event, that would put your mind at rest.

Best wishes


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