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Pregnancy test


Today i took taste using Prega News Brand pregnancy test kit. I took that taste early morning and i got the two lines where one was faint. What is that mean?

Earlier four month i got the same result and took 3-4 taste but result was the same (one faint line) and then i consult with my doctor and she said me to wait few week and after that suggest sonography and the result is not shown any fetus. She also examine TVS (Trans veginal sonography) the size and shape is fine.

Ultimataly i got bleeding within month with small tissues passing. Doctor told me that this is not success now. I was depressed.

Now i again after 4 month trying to conceive but result is faint line. I am afrid to see the result and i dont want to happened it earlier one. PLEASE SUGGEST ME WHAT IS THE PROBLEM.

Thanking you all


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Hi there

A positive test result is almost certainly correct (even if it’s faint). A negative result is less reliable. You may have received all sorts of advice about how long you should wait before trying again. Many doctors advise waiting until you have had at least one period after your miscarriage before trying again, as this makes it easier to calculate the dates in the next pregnancy. This doesn’t mean that you are more likely to miscarry if you do conceive before then. There is even some evidence that conceiving in the first six months after a miscarriage actually lowers your risk of miscarriage next time. It must be hard at the moment but try to relax and talk your feelings through with your doctor.

I hope this helps

Best wishes


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