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Early Bleeding In Pregnancy

Hi everyone for the past 3 months my periods have only lasted 3 days i stopped bleeding on 4/11/15 but on monday afternoon after going to the toilet I wiped and there was blood, i went to see the GP the following day and they confirmed i was pregnant, however the bleeding stopped on wednesday and thursday but this morning i've started again but it's more than the last time and i am experiencing period like pains but it's not as strong as a period pain. i'm going to see the GP again today but was wondering if i can get some advice please.

Thank you for reading.

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Hi there

It sounds like you did the right thing going to your GP, how did it go?

Best wishes



Hi I am having the same kind of bleeding where my period is only lasting 3 days for the past two months but mine have always been 5-6 days. I had unprotected sex within 2-3 days of my period 3 months ago and it stopped the next day. Did your pregnancy tests come out negetive?


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