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Any advise would be fab!

Hello there girlies,

I've just got a few questions.

I was recently meant to start my period on the 27th of October (now 6 days late) and I'm normally like clockwork with my period so I knew something wasn't quite right.

I was feeling some symptoms around the 29th/30th of October which included mild cramping in my lower abdomen which was more of a pulling sensation- not a normal period cramp. I've also experienced very light bleeding, which had more of a pinky tinge to it as opposed to a red period colour and some definite bloating- not to mention the hormonal spells I've been having that my boyfriend so kindly points out haha! There have been no clots and definitely no need for a tampon.

However, I've tested four times now and all have been negative. I've tested with numerous brands but nothing has come back. I'm a little concerned as I experienced a miscarriage earlier this year and my partner and I were so devastated, so I don't want anything to go wrong if I am pregnant. I feel silly in a way because I'm probably over thinking but I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience who can offer some advice and their outcome, or even if they haven't! Thank you very much in advance xx

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Hi there

It might be a good idea to go and do a pregnancy test with your local contraceptive clinic they could then work through your dates with you, as a pregnancy test should be accurate by now.

I hope this helps

Best wishes


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