Regarding first trimester pregnancy scan

Regarding first trimester pregnancy scan

I am 12 weeks 6 days pregnant.

I went for scan in which fetal pole was absent whereas fetal heart activity and gestational sac were present.

I was told it can be silent miscarriage but how could the fetal heart activity be present.

I had no symptoms of miscarriage and my pregnancy test is positive.

Further i referred another hospital, they asked to go for re scan after 2 weeks

Please guide.

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  • I haven't heard of a silent miscarriage before and don't understand if there was still a heartbeat?? I had a missed miscarriage in February at 12 weeks-this shows no signs of a miscarriage but the baby had apparently died at around 8 weeks, I still had the gestational sac and baby (although not developed to the stage we thought we were)but no heartbeat. Is there a number you can call to speak to someone that can explain what this means and what you can expect? 2 weeks is a long time to wait in limbo for something so important. I hope this is not a miscarriage and you have a healthy pregnancy. X

  • Hi there

    I would recommend going back to the hospital as soon as you can and ask them to explain in detail to you what is going on.

    I hope this helps

    Best wishes


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