Am I pregnant?


Me and my partner decided to start for a family. After being on the implant for 7 years I had it removed, it's been near 7 weeks since its removed and I'm starting to feel different. We have taken 3 tests one two weeks ago and negative but recently I've been suffering with bad cramps (like a period) but no period. I haven't had a period since the implant was removed, and when I had the implant I never had periods once or two a year. I feel tired at times, the gym is harder than usual and some days I eat like a horse other days I feel sick. I'm just feeling all over the place at the minute, help!

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  • Hiya, I had my implant removed last year and it took a couple of months before I got my period, but the doctor said this is normal and it doesn't mean you aren't fertile. I think you just need to give it some time and try not to worry. x

  • Thank you, just to ask did you suffer bad cramps? I'm getting bad cramps nearly every day.

  • Hi there

    I would recommend that you go back to where you had the implant removed and chat through dates etc, do a pregnancy test with them and take it from their advice.

    I hope this helps

    Best wishes


  • After I had my implant removed I suffered similar my doc said it was due to Hormone changes

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