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Am I pregnant?

Finished my period on Friday 22nd May and had unprotected sex on Sunday 24th May, he pulled out before he ejaculated. It's now over two weeks and I have been feeling nauseous, bloating, don't eat all my food, wee a lot more often, tender breasts/nipples and very strange period type feeling in my lower abdomen but have taken two pregnancy tests which both say negative, is there any chance I could be pregnant and I'm not waiting long enough to test? P.s my period should be due on Friday 12th June. What should I do, any advice?

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Hi Leane,

Yes, I'm afraid you are testing too early. A normal home pregnancy test is only accurate 3 weeks after unprotected sex or when your period is late. I know it must be difficult but the best thing to do is to wait until Friday. There's more information about taking a test on the NHS website here:

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


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