Am I pregnant?


I'm new here....

I'm 43 and the first day of my last period was 13 Sep 2016. I have done 3 tests (2 weeks ago ) which are negative. I do not have any signs of morning sickness but I feel something in my belly(right side), the same sign like other pregnancies. sometimes I feel something like heart beating in my right hand side. I need some help please.

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  • my GP did blood test one week ago and my hcg level was law. Is there any possibility to be pregnant?

  • I am 25 years old and my period is now 16 days late, I have took 4 tests all coming back negative, this happened to me in June 2016 also where my period was 24 days late and had 8 negative pregnancy results my period did eventually come, after visiting my GP I was advised that it is normal for your body to miss a period now and then, I am due back at my GP next week as this has happened twice this year and hopefully my partner and I get told we are pregnant :)

  • Hi Keighlay,

    Thank you for your quick reply and sharing your experience. I had a situation like you before but the difference now is I feel a bump in my right hand side.

  • Hi, I've just found out I'm pregnant and they said my hcg was low after doing a blood test so there's a likelihood you could be! Ask for them to do it again as the dr has asked for me to have it done again to double check how far along I am x

  • Hi (sarah-1983),

    Thank you for your quick reply and your advice. My Gp informed a hospital to do a scan

    for me but it will be in December which is far. I hope you have a safe delivery.

  • Yes this sounds like the best thing to do. To be honest though, there is no way that you could feel a heartbeat this early - on indeed at any time in pregnancy you would not usually feel this. A scan can only see a heartbeat after around 8 weeks, there is no way that it can be felt by the mother at this point. Good luck to you x

  • Hi there

    I would suggest visiting your GP so they can run a blood test for you.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Katherine,

    Thank you for your suggestion. They have don it for me and it was low. They told me you are not pregnant.

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