Could I be pregnant?

I usually have heavy but irregular periods and I've been having spotting recently for the past week. My last heavy period was about 6 weeks ago. I have been having unprotected sex regularly with my fiance. I have took test but 5 have came back negative and 2 have come back faint positive. I have got the symptoms of bad back ache, needing to go to the toilet more often, migraines, weight gain, boob tenderness and loss of appetite. Could this be pregnancy?

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  • Where the two positives the most recent ones you took?

  • They were the second and 4th and I still had 2 more after the 4th.

  • Wait a few more days then take another. Or got to your gp and get them to do a blood test for you

  • Hi hun,

    Would suggest you go to your Doctors and get checked out

    You could very well be pregnant, but these could also be symptoms of a condition called Endometriosis, which can play havoc with your Hormone levels & irregular periods.

    Go get checked out, Fingers crossed you are Pregnant

    do let us know the outcome


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