Iam feeling worry

Hello ma'm..

iam preethi I didnt get period last month. And I checked pregnancy test it shown positive.. after that docter said 2 month running, after few days..start bleeding spotting brownish colour..and I went doctor again and re checked ..she gave ine injection for stop bleeding. After one day again start bleeding.. continuously..iam feeling so worry mam . Plz help me . I would love to become mom. Its my dream. The bleeding comes with stomach ech and back ech. Is any problem for pregnancy..plz suggest me me

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  • The only way to check on the progress of a pregnancy is by having a scan. Go to your go and ask for a referral to the early pregnancy unit. Good luck

  • Are there blood clots?

  • I had this from weeks 4-7 I'm 8wk 4days now and I get abit of old blood in my discharge now and again. It is normal for some mums. Worrying will only make things worse

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